Physical Oceanography & Ocean Modeling Group at University of Michigan


Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences
University of Michigan

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The physical oceanography and ocean modeling group in UM's Department of Geological Sciences is led by Professor Brian Arbic. We use realistic numerical models, idealized numerical models, analysis of in-situ and remotely sensed observations, and model/data comparison to better understand the dynamics and energy budgets of wind-driven and tidal motions in the ocean. Our research is interdisciplinary, often involving collaborations with marine geophysicists, geodynamicists, and glaciologists, as well as with other physical oceanographers. Opportunities exist for motivated, quantitatively strong students and postdocs to perform research in our group. Check the Opportunities link above and contact Professor Arbic (arbic AT umich DOT edu; 734-615-4941) for further information. For information on applying to the graduate program in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of Michigan, click here. Professor Arbic also works with graduate students from other departments and programs, for instance Physics, Applied Physics, Applied Mathematics, and AOSS.

Group photo, August 5, 2013

Group photo, July 19, 2012

Group photo, August 17, 2011